The #1 Yoga Studio In Zurich Expands Locations & One Ups Their Branding.
Yoga Tribe Branding
Yoga Tribe is a culture based yoga brand built around community experience. Over the past five years it has grown to become the number one yoga business in Zurich, Switzerland. In early 2018, Yoga Tribe expanded into two new studios and made the decision to scale their visual brand identity with the business. The goal was to create a visual identity to  match the uniqueness of the Tribe community, as well as seperate Yoga Tribe from any other yoga branding. Our primary challenge was gaining a deep understanding of what it meant to be a part of the Yoga Tribe discovering the core values, mission and vision. To solve our design challenges, we traveled to Zurich Switzerland. We visited both studios, took classes, taught workshops and met with teachers and students becoming members of the Tribe. With that understanding we discovered that makes the Tribe different from other yoga studios, is it stands at the crossroads between culture and yoga.