Yoga Tribe

The #1 Yoga Studio In Zurich Expands Locations & One Ups Their Branding.

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Yoga Tribe is a culture based yoga brand built around community experience. Over the past five years it has grown to become the number one yoga business in Zurich, Switzerland. In early 2018, Yoga Tribe expanded into two new studios and made the decision to scale their visual brand identity with the business. The goal was to create a visual identity to  match the uniqueness of the Tribe community, as well as separate Yoga Tribe from any other yoga branding. Our primary challenge was gaining a deep understanding of what it meant to be a part of the Yoga Tribe discovering the core values, mission and vision. To solve our design challenges, we traveled to Zurich Switzerland. We visited both studios, took classes, taught workshops and met with teachers and students becoming members of the Tribe. With that understanding we discovered that makes the Tribe different from other yoga studios, is it stands at the crossroads between culture and yoga.

The Yoga Tribe Project Included



Creative Content

Print & Product Design


Client - Yoga Tribe Zurich

Owner - Catherine Lippuner

Creative Director - River Davis

Senior Editor - Jennifer Ireland

Creative Consultant  - Diana Alvarez

Yoga Tribe Branding

Yoga Tribe is a place where we create without confines because we love what we have the passion to accomplish. We believe Dogmas inhibit our creative growth as individuals so we created contemporary spaces for our growing community of Tribe members. For all of us here at Yoga Tribe, yoga is both an art form that transcends the physical world and a cultural evolution into a lifestyle of universal consciousness. Our spaces were created to explore the latter concepts on a journey from dual to non-dual, a place where you can be free and comfortable to experiment with your personal development.

It all started with one girl, Catherine Lippuner, and a dream to create a real, authentic experimental space that sits at the crossroads of artistic expression and cultural existence.  We have come a long way since we opened our first studio in 2013 and the dream of one girl has since grown to two studios, more than 30 teachers, most of which are 500-hour certified and over 30 annual retreats. Yoga Tribe was created to be a different type of yoga studio: something raw, something new and something stylish. Your vibe attracts your tribe, right? Be a part of something special; be a part of a tribe that allows you to freely and openly connect and grow intellectually, emotionally and physically. If it seems like we are speaking to you, that’s because we are!

Are you looking for a quality experience, amazing teachers with even more amazing personalities and a vibe to match? Come join our Tribe and freely progress on your journey of self-improvement and realization with the coolest yogis and biggest studio in Zurich. We welcome all like-minded individuals in pursuit of their personal growth. As a collective we are united in the need to share our practice and inspire our Tribe community to discover unity and diversity through the world of yoga as an art, and yoga as a cultural way of life - on and off the mat.

Our studios offer a place where regular practitioners and first day beginners are able to discover their own personal approach to yoga free from ego and judgment. Yoga Tribe offers classes in all styles of yoga from Hatha, Ashtanga themed, Vinyasa flow and Yin, to alignment, technique and specialized therapeutic styles. We also offer a large variety of specialized workshops for you to choose from. Unlike most studios in Zurich we also offer drop-in class packages and affordable monthly packages because finances should not impact your journey of personal growth and our Tribe understands that everyone deserves the amazing opportunity to grow.

Our Process

Yoga Tribe could only be best represented by branding that was more art than icon. It must be minimal, yet powerful and simple, yet deep. We developed a brand system that included logo marks, color and typography combined to form one cohesive image in a wabi-sabi design style.

View Brand Board Here!

Left, Yoga Tribe Logo Explanation Page | Right, Yoga Tribe Logo, Usage, & Spacing
Left, Yoga Tribe Logo Type | Right, Yoga Tribe Logo Variations, Usage, & Spacing
Left, Yoga Tribe Font Family Hierarchy | Right, Yoga Tribe Color System

Yoga Tribe Photography

For the photography for the Yoga Tribe branding project it was crucial that we create a distinction between the two studios but still give them a similar feel. We took photos of both studios as well as one class in the k6 studio. To achieve this, we matched the tone curve of the image sets in post production and let the studio speak for themselves through the composition.

Yoga Tribe K6 Class

The K-6 class photography shoot was done as part of the overall Yoga Tribe branding project. The goal of this photo set was to show the Yoga Tribe students in action, giving the studio space life. We also wanted to portray a deep sense of community and openness within the composition of the shots that would welcome new members and comfort existing ones.

Yoga Tribe K6 Studio Class Photography

Yoga Tribe K6 Studio

The K-6 studio photography shoot was done as part of the overall Yoga Tribe branding project. Our goal with this photo shoot was to highlight the visual appeal of the studio portraying an environment that has hints of masculine energy in a minimal, bright and open space.

Yoga Tribe K6 Studio Photography

Yoga Tribe K3 studio

The K3 studio photography shoot was done as part of the overall Yoga Tribe branding project. Our goal with this photo shoot was to highlight the visual appeal of the studio conveying an environment that has hints of feminine energy, in a  warm, minimal and bright space.

Yoga Tribe K3 Studio Photography

Yoga Tribe Creative Content

With our creative content package we wanted to get creative with some social media content that could be used across Yoga Tribe’s media mix. We decided the best place to start would be interviewing the teachers and students and what we came up with were two concepts: Tribe Words and Tribe Testimonials.

Tribe Words

After interviewing the teachers of Yoga Tribe, we were able to put together a series of quotes titled “Yoga Tribe is...” which outlines what Yoga Tribe is to each of its teachers and Tribe members.

Yoga Tribe "Words" Campaign Series

Tribe Testimonials

Through the interview process we were able to pull out keywords that we feel represent and loosely define Yoga Tribe. These have been put together in a simple yet powerful format using one word for each graphic.

Yoga Tribe "Testimonials" Campaign Series Part 1
Yoga Tribe "Testimonials" Campaign Series Part 2

Yoga Tribe Print Design

As part of the Yoga Tribe brand identity we wanted to create print materials including A0 posters, A6 flyers,  brand book and business cards for both the teachers and the studios. The goal was to create something that was both visually and physically appealing. Because of Yoga Tribe’s unique style, we were able to play around with some unique printing techniques, debossing business cards as well as gold and silver foil variations for the letterhead and posters.

Print Design Mock Up
Poster Mock Up
Business Card Mock Up