True Eagle Energy Drink

True Eagle Energy Drink & Folded Flag Foundation Serve Up An Animated Creative Social Content Strategy to Build Product Awareness and Credibility.

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True Eagle Energy Drink is partnered with the Folded Flag Foundation contributing at least 10% of all profits to veterans of the United States Military. That's a conscious cause we can get behind!  The drink also features the use of all natural cane sugar which according to the executive staff beat out Red Bull in a in a blind taste test 2:1.

True Eagle wanted to create a unique, visually appealing, content campaign. The campaign would highlight both the product and the user experience (taste). Campaign goals included improved:  brand/product awareness and credibility within the energy drink industry.  After a brand audit we conclude  that the best course of action would be to create 2 types of content for this campaign.

1. evergreen anchor content

2. Influencer experience content

The anchor content was built around the rising trend of  product animation loops. The loops would be paired with directional marketing funnel copy. The animated content would help establish brand recognition and enforce the visual identity. It would also act as a unique visual bate system for new community members. Influencer experience content was created to gain immediate credibility and awareness. As a result of this content development True Eagle signed a contract with iHeart Radio as the official energy drink sponsor for a major US music festival.

Scope of work

9 Animated Product Loops

3 Influencer Experience, Video Promo Loops

Social Media Strategy and Distribution Plan

True Eagle Instagram Strategy Outline


Our main challenge in completing this project was a two week production timeline. Our first two days were allocated to pre-production and client meetings.  Our production took place over the course of a two day influencer retreat. During the event we filmed influencer experience testimonials and chroma key product animations. Our post production was ten days long. Including video editing, closed captions, audio mastering, color grading, animation, and motion graphics.


The resulting production included a  Social Media Strategy and Distribution Plan. 12 animated product loops and 3 influencer experience promotional loops. The resulting strategy included a 15 post campaign aimed at a minimum 100x in exposure after successful execution of production timeline and influencer marketing by True Eagles media management department.  As a result of this content development True Eagle signed a contract with iHeart Radio  as the official energy drink sponsor for a major music festival.

Featured influencers included:

JoJo Gomez 1.3mil

Meridith Dweyer 338k

James Maslow 1.9mil

Tracy Shapoff - 14k


Client - True Eagle Energy Drink  

Digital Agency - Breakthrough Creative

Public Relations Agency - 3D PR & Marketing  

Creative Director - River Davis

Production Manager - Dina Rezvanipour

Videographer - Stephen Blasetti

Animator & Video Editor - River Davis

Creative Consultant  - Robert Basore