Samatva Yogalaya

Krishna Shikwal Launches New Yoga School in Rishikesh India, With Stunning Brand Identity.

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One of India’s most renowned yoga teachers, Krishna Shikwal, along with his wife, Sangeeta Shikwal, and family launched a new Yoga school in Rishikesh, implementing a distinguished visual identity. The key points that needed to be addressed were combining the concepts of harmony, sun and moon, and the yoga practitioner. The main challenge we faced was combining so many different elements with deep contextual meaning that also worked with the school’s minimal, logical and extremely efficient style of education.

Scope of Work

  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Creative Content
  • Print & Product Design
  • Creative Media Consulting

“Working with River and his team was one of the most efficient and well thought experiences we’ve had. Everything we needed was delivered beyond expectation. The brand identity they created for our yoga school truly separates us from other schools.”

Krishna Shikwal - Owner at Samatva Yogalaya


Client - Samatva Yogalaya Rishikesh India

Owner - Krishna Shikwal

Digital Agency - It’s My Media Agency

Creative Director - River Davis

Senior Editor - Jennifer Ireland

Samatva Yogalaya Branding

Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh offers a spate of yoga programs in India which includes yoga for beginners, yoga retreats and yoga teacher training - Ryt 200/500. After completion of the Yoga Alliance teacher training courses and receiving the certification, learners become eligible to register as yoga teachers (RYT 200, E-ETR 200, RYT 500 or E-RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance and teach yoga anywhere in the world. Samatva Yogalaya welcomes all yoga learners whether you have only little or advanced knowledge of yoga and even if you have just heard of the term and know nothing about yoga. We conduct residential yoga programmes based on traditional hatha yoga, hatha yoga in iyengar style and hatha yoga in ashtanga style. The courses include

Study of treasured yoga texts like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Hatha Pradipika, etc.

Practice of asana

Practice of pranayama including therapeutic and spiritual benefits

Study and practice of meditation

Study cleansing techniques

Samatva Yogalaya is located near Ram Jhula in Swarg Ashram area of Rishikesh, which is a Himalayan town in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. It is not only known as the yoga capital of the world, but is equally known for its spiritual attributes. In ancient times, yogis, rishis and sages were attracted to this peaceful town through which the Holy Ganges flowed.

Modern day Rishikesh is equally well known for yoga ashrams and tourism. Yoga and tourism are what attract international visitors to this town. Its natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere and yoga on the banks of the Ganges go hand-in-hand with a host of adventure activities like white water rafting, camping, trekking, rock climbing, bungee jumping and jungle safari in Rajaji National Park to see tigers and other wild animals.

Rishikesh is in the foothills of the Himalayas and is 240 km from New-Delhi, the capital of India. It is conveniently connected by road, train and air. The nearest railway station from Delhi is Haridwar (20 Km from Rishikesh) and nearest airport is Dehradun (18 Km from Rishikesh).

Our Process

The concept for the logo is derived from the name of the yoga academy “Samatva” meaning balance and/or harmony with what the academy teaches, traditional Hatha Yoga, philosophy, anatomy and physiology. To show the balance one achieves through the practice of yoga, a visual representation of Hatha Yoga was used i.e. Sun and Moon. To show Harmony, a classical Indian instrument known as the Veena is placed at the base chakra of the graphic depiction of the yoga practitioner in the center of the logo mark. The meditative pose is representative of the mental and physical practice required to live the yogic lifestyle. Deeper meanings can be found within the logo, though not directly apparent; the 32 stars and sun rays  equate to the 32 asanas in Hatha Yoga.

Samatva Yogalaya Logo Mark
Samatva Yogalaya Typographic Mark

Samatva Yogalaya Photography

This set of yoga classroom photography was done as part of the overall Samatva Yogalaya branding package.  The goal of this series of shoots was to produce a large amount of yoga course work photography to be spread across a media mix and used over a 18-month period creating the foundation for a unified visual identity. For the photo compositions, we wanted to focus on the different units that make up a yoga teacher training: physical asana, philosophy and anatomy/physiology. It was also a key point to be able to capture Krishna (the owner and primary advanced instructor) within these units.

Samatva Yogalaya Video Production

As part of the branding package we are currently in post production on a series of short form promotional videos.

Check back with us for updates

Samatva Yogalaya Creative Content

After meeting with Krishna and coming to an understanding of how the school operates, we submitted a creative content proposal that would effectively create a unique content marketing series for all of his 2018 teacher trainings, giving him promotional content for an entire year.

Samatva Yogalaya Print Design

For this branding project we were not limited to just letterhead on business cards, we actually needed to help create internal documentation for management processes and procedures. All print system assets were designed as templates for any staff to easily use and manipulate. This print set included student letter communications, rules and regulations A0 poster, daily schedules, graduation certificates, digital letterhead and business cards. Staying consistent, the designs were implemented based on a unified design style of simplicity and effectiveness of communication. 

Print Design Mock Up
Business Cards