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Rosie’s Coogee, Where Conscious Dining Meets Modern+Vintage Design

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Conscious Lifestyle influencer Shannon Rosie Barge, the brains and beauty of her “Living with Rosie” brand, wanted to expand her product line to include a company HQ and restaurant. Cue Rosie’s, a conscious take on cafe dining and cocktails in NSW, Australia. Opening their doors in mid 2018, they needed a visual identity system before the grand opening so we stepped in to help create a brand identity system that would be used across the restaurant’s physical and digital presence. Shannon gave us the basic concept; she wanted a simple elegant type mark and a Rose logo mark. We based the design style around Shannon’s personal style as well as the interior design of the restaurant using both modern and vintage design philosophies. We were also hyper-aware of the mass pop-culture usage and distribution of the Roses and the challenge that posed in creating a unique logo system.

After gathering information through design interviews with Shannon and research on existing rose designs in the market, we set out to create a unified visual design system built around the image of a Rose. We designed a logo system, font family, visual style, exterior and interior signage, business cards, menus, letterhead and creative content used for social media resulting in a visual system specific only to Rosie’s.

Scope of Work Elements for Project Packages

  • Branding
  • Creative Content
  • Print & Product Design

“Working with River and the team at has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve not yet worked with any other designer who seems to get my feedback like he does. Creating with him has been fun, fast and fabulous. Looking forward to our future projects.”

Shannon Rosie Barge - Owner at Rosie’s


Client - Rosie’s

Owner - Shannon Rosie Barge

Creative Director - River Davis

Senior Editor - Jennifer Ireland

Creative Consultant  - Sean Ryan O’Conner


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Rosie’s Branding

Rosie’s is about amazing people, eating amazing food, in an amazing place; a bight, clean and fresh ode to the era of classic style and graceful serenity. A contemporary take on what it means to be a Modern-Vintage boutique cafe, the restaurant features a health-focused share plate menu made with fresh seasonal whole foods, ideal for group bookings.

Are you a health conscious socialite who loves sharing a fresh Sunday brunch at a restaurant so bright and stylish you would happily bring your friends, your mother and even your grandmother too? Do you have a midweek place where you and the crew can grab a delicious bite and a nourishing conscious cocktail? We already know the answer because we are the same as you! You’re up for a good time and so are we! We too wanted all of the above but couldn’t find it anywhere, so we created it for everyone to share!

Rosie’s is a place where “healthy” and “fun” are synonymous within the conscious health movement. The Rosie’s ownership and staff are dedicated to the honest improvement of each individual’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle; actively promoting a path to a healthy lifestyle filled with fun, delicious, nourishing and fresh food.

Rosie’s goes beyond conscious healthy delicious food and drinks. Rosie’s is part of a lifestyle, one dedicated to healthy eating and healthy living for your mind, body and soul. As the Headquarters for the Living with Rosie lifestyle brand, the restaurant offers patrons an opportunity to expand their knowledge of what it means to be healthy and how to do it in a fun way. All it takes is one step at a time in the right direction and the passionate pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Your first step is to come eat with us at Rosie’s. Once you’ve decided the healthy fun lifestyle is for you, follow Rosie’s Online teachings by joining the Living with Rosie online community.

Ready to take the next step in the right direction? You can use Rosie’s “Conscious Cocktail” and “Conscious Cooking” cookbook series to start implementing healthy, fresh eating habits in your daily life. And once you are ready to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level, the Living with Rosie health conscious supplement line will be ready and waiting to improve your gut health, immune system, and weight loss efforts while boosting energy so you are healthier and happier than you ever thought possible!

Our Process

We started by researching the median Rose graphic and pulling in unique outliers based on that data point. We decided the Rose on the stem would best give us a classic vintage element along with that subconscious sentimental appeal that is attributed to the Rose like that in Beauty & the Beast. For the stylization of the Rose, we wanted to follow the theme of the restaurant being both simple and modern with a bit of vintage twang from the Slim Aarons Era using sleek thin lines and a five layer color print working with the colors selected by Shannon and her interior design team, which included a variety of pale peach, green, and white.

The system utilizes three major components: Logo Mark, Typographic Marks and Combination Marks, each set to a loosely rigid usage outline. The primary logo mark can be broken into two designations: The Rose and The Rose + Stem. The typographic mark was designed based on the even spacing between the letters and capitalization for uniformity in design, in case the font were to be manipulated in the future as the business design style evolved. Finally, the combination marks and variations were created to give a sense of brand unification across the restaurant and company media mix; these included a signage logo, a badge logo and a stamp logo. We also created additional creative elements like the R of roses.  

View Brand Board Here!

Rosie's Logo Set
Rosie's Logo System Explination
Rosie's Logo Mark Variations
Rosie's Logo Type Variaitons
Rosie's Mood Board

Rosie’s Creative Content

For our creative content project we needed to create a placement icon used on print and social media as part of the Rosie’s branding package. We drafted an image composite of the letter “R” and combined that with roses overflowing from the inside, outwardly. We attached a variety of tone curves to give it a unique vintage feel.

Rosie's Social Media Profile R Icon

Rosie’s Print Design

The concept for the print design was to create variety; they say it’s the spice of life, right!? We created menus, business cards and a letterhead system in a variety of corresponding styles that would make for a fun playful system for guests in the dining room and for those receiving or exchanging correspondence with any of the Rosie’s staff.

Rosie's Print Design Business Card
Roseie's Print Design Menus
Rosie's Print Design Letter Head