Guka Pitú Brand

Guka Pitú, a Zurich based yoga teacher and light worker launches unique modernist brand identity system with intuitive UX based website.

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Guka was looking to create a digital space where she could host her personal brand and foster her community by providing branded content streams. She was adamant about two aspects of the project. The first aspect was, originality. Through our experience and market research of the personal wellness brand business model. We knew that brands within the health and wellness industry, at times, seem repetitive in style and design. Our challenge was to think outside of the box and create something distinctly unique to Guka. The second aspect was to have her brand represent her personal style authentically.  Through our creative briefs we determined her style to be modern, simple, brutalist, and intuitive.  Her parameters allowed us creative freedom to make her vision a reality.

We paired her personal style with a unique UX theory, The Rabbit Hole UX. The rabbit hole is an intuitive, directionally lead, user experience. It moves first time users step by step through the main content blocks of the website, "down the rabbit hole" and into the end content stream. Returning community members have the option to enter directly into the content stream in an intuitive manner.

Our decisions to use the Jasmine plant as the focal graphic was based on Guka's strong personal relationship with the plant. This connection allowed us to build in the holistic properties of her personal business. Paired with her modernist style we were able to create a balanced contrast and a strong identity connection with the business.

Scope of work

Brand Identity

 Logo System with variations

 Color System

 Typographic system

 Corporate Identity Assets

Website Design & Development

Creative Photography Content


The resulting production included a brand identity with 3 logo variations, 4 part color system, 2 font typographic hierarchy. Website with CMS integration, SEO, Mobile Optimization, advanced UX and UI systems. Two unique photography content packages.  Analytic analysis has shown that 87% of users have progressed through all 4 pages of the website and continued to explore the content stream reviewing on average at least 2 pieces of content.


Client - Guka Pitú 

Digital Agency - Breakthrough Creative

Creative Director - River Davis

Guka Pitu Primary Logo
Guka Pitu Duotone Photograph
Guka Pitu Logo Board
Guka Pitu Typography & Color System
Guka Pitu Desktop and Mobile Website


Guka Pitu Business Card
Guka Pitu Creative Photography Set 1
Guka Pitu Creative Photography Set 2
River is a professional who leads the project from A to Z. He is focused on the details, listening carefully to clients´ideas and ready to make great suggestions for creative solutions based on his overwhelming experience. Having a chance to work with him on my brand, including website, logo, business cards etc. - was one of the best professional experiences I have ever had. Regular discussions, efficient project management, ability to express ideas clearly, agreeing and meeting deadlines, and providing a superb ready to launch product as per the clients expectations, are just a few of River's strong suits!
Guka Pitu