Gosha’s Organics

Gosha’s Organics steps outside the box with an animated social and influencer content campaign to educate and bring awareness to their cornerstone product Odnova Honey.

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Gosha's Organics is in phase 1 of their business life cycle and growth strategy. They created an amazing product surrounded it with beautiful branding, packaging, and a strong website. As the next step in continued growth they wanted to build awareness and market recognition for their staple product, Odnova Honey. A super-food made from Phytoplankton and over 100 herbs and spices. Qualified by a 213 point inspection process.

Our first goal was to create evergreen anchor content paired with informational copy about the product and its benefits. Our second goal was to take advantage of influencer marketing as a way to add impact and credibility to our evergreen content efforts.  

Scope of work

9 Animated Product Loops

3 Influencer Experience Testimonials

Social Media Content Strategy + Distribution Plan

Challenges & Results

Our main challenge in completing this project was a two week production timeline. Our first two days were allocated to pre-production and client meetings.  Our production took place over the course of a two day influencer retreat. During the event we filmed influencer experience testimonials and chroma key product animations. Our post production was ten days long. Including video editing, closed captions, audio mastering, color grading, animation, and motion graphics.

The resulting production included a Social Media Content Strategy + Distribution Plan, 10 animated product loops and 2 influencer experience testimonials with Mariza Villarreal 1.2 million followers and Meredith Dwyer 338k followers


Client - Gosha's Organics  

Digital Agency - Breakthrough Creative

Public Relations Agency - 3D PR & Marketing  

Creative Director - River Davis

Production Manager - Dina Rezvanipour

Videographer - Stephen Blasetti

Animator & Video Editor - River Davis

Creative Consultant  - Robert Basore