This yoga training program is designed to help yoga students advance their practice on and off the mat as a scientific and philosophic way of life. This Yoga Student Training workshop Series is great for the yoga student who wants to become a more confident yogi, gain a deeper understanding of yoga, and grow as a human being. Oftentimes this yoga student is already passionate about their practice and they are curious about taking yoga to the next level, both on and off the mat. This workshop is modeled after, a day in the life of a traditional monastic yogi. Students can expect to improve all aspects of their yoga practice: Mental, physical, & spiritual. We focus on the study pranayama, asana and anatomy, yoga philosophy, meditation, and yoga’s scientific foundations. Students will learn how yoga can become more a way of life rather than a class one participates in. Students will leave the series feeling confident that they can apply what they learned in the outside world and on the mat. Schedule Note: 1 Hour Each Pranayama Asana Philosophy Lunch (90min) Yoga Nidra Asana Into the Om Meditation

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“You don’t have to take a yoga teacher training to become a confident and strong yogi! What I loved about River´s workshop was the set of exercises and tricks he taught for each asana. He gave us great tools that are easy to use!” Guka Pitu Yoga Teacher & Workshop Student‍