We teach community leadership how to effectively manage long term community growth through brand sustainability. Our intensive series dives deep into the theoretical and practical applications involved in circular community growth through sustainable branding. This community leadership series is great for Yoga Professionals and Businesses that are looking to invest in leadership development! Topics covered include Identity representation, brand messaging, internal + external community communication practices, marketing infrastructure and execution, community offering development, circular growth strategies, and social media exposure. Our goal is to create a community of brand activists as a result of providing resources for continued personal growth and a streamlined internal and external communication process through community leadership. “Creating a global community of responsible companies.” Schedule Note: 1 Hour Each 1. Sustainable Branding for Community Growth Defining the elements of circular community growth through sustainable branding practices. 2. Community-first Brand Intentions Align your mission towards your vision with the right goals and strategy to get there. 3. The RC+QB+CE Models & True Success (Responsible Company + Quantum Business + Circular Economic Models) Creating a circular community through all-star leadership the responsible way, with inclusion of subtle aspects and clearly aligned goals. 4. Aligning Leadership with Brand Identity Utilize visual and non-visual identity systems to build ethos & foster community growth. 5. Creative Community Development Practices Accomplishing goals through successful campaign strategy execution. 6. Building Exposure through Brand Communication Practices & Content Using Tactics to Improve exposure of community growth offerings and services to better serve the community and improve participation. 7. Connecting Yoga & Business + Removing The Ego Self Meditation Practices & Philosophical applications to modern business absent of ego.

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“Working with River and his team was one of the most efficient and positive experiences we’ve had. Everything we needed was delivered beyond expectation. The brand identity they created for our yoga school truly separates us from the other 200 plus schools in Rishikesh, India.” Krishna Shikwal Owner at Samatva Yogalaya Samatva-Yogalaya.com