Thoughts from the Jungle...
Part 2

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”


Shout out to @willsmith for joining the @instagram community and spreading a positive message. His words on this Rumi quote inspired something deep inside me. This quote represents one of the defining characteristics of a successful and positively impactful lifestyle. Who are your “Friends”? Do they support you?  Or in the words of Will Smith do they “Fan your flame, or piss on it!?”

Intro, the crew! We all teamed up with the @jujngleroombali as you are aware by this point in the story. These fellow creatives are flame fans! Since we first met we have built a relationship founded on the consistent support of each others goals. For me at least, this has become one of the most valuable and sought after friendship attributes. @thewanderfullyfe aka Cameron and Kelsey are two amazing humans that I was fortunate enough to meet during my time in Bali. We had the opportunity to work together on a few projects and really dove deep into each others creative expressions. Which resulted in some fucking amazing collaborative content. @thetravelgypsea, a fellow south Florida native and aspiring travel blogger who came to visit Bali also worked with us on this project which ended up being a great opportunity to build a friendship of support and creative construction.

Who are your friends, your family, and the people you surround yourself with on a daily basis? Are they amazingly supportive, do they give you wise and powerful constructive criticism without pissing on your flames? DO NOT let anyone discourage you from your goals and dreams. It is hard and sad sometimes to think about the people I have had to leave behind in my life bc they were flame dousers, even family members can be energy vampires. GET RID OF THEM!  Find those people who will support you relentlessly and who you will support equally. Once you have those people in your life reaching your goals will become infinitely rewarding and more easily attainable.

Shout out to the @thewanderfullyfe for being, insanely creative individuals, like minded hustlers, and genuinely amazing and supportive friends. Keep doing you, never dim your light, and always stay positive.

Seek those who do great things and you too will do great things!




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