Revelations of Self on a UK Photo Tour Part 1
Self growth is never ending. Every discovery of awareness brings you closer your true self.

9 Days ago I embarked on a journey across the UK for a photography campaign. Touring from London England to Wales following the coast all the way up into Scotland. Thank you @celinedecosta for the amazing inspiration. @dennisstrever for all the tips and tricks. @weownthemoment for always being the homie.

During each of my visits to the magical creations of the universe I had a revelation of self. Wait, what is a revelation of self? I would define this as, a divine disclosure relating to the existence and awareness of the self. A subconscious realization of something that was previously unknown. Though my journey was a linear one from points a to b to c, etc., the way I will write this series and post images will be in a non linear format. Mirroring how one receives revelations of the self, non linearly.

Think about your past experiences with revelations of the self and for today I’ll leave it with that.

Falls Of Falloch x River Davis
Falls Of Falloch 2 x River Davis
Falls Of Falloch 3 x River Davis
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