Mens Fashion: The Bomber Jacket a Contemporary Fashion Staple

Time to get that fresh bomber..
By River Davis
River Davis Mens Fashion Bomber Jacket Long Hair
River Davis Mens Fashion Bomber Jacket  long hair 2
River Davis Mens Fashion Bomber Jacket  Man Bun
River Davis Mens Fashion Bomber Jacket  Man Bun

It’s well into winter but it’s never too late to upgrade your jacket selection. Contemporary men’s style would suggest adding the Bomber to your wardrobe collection is a must. A solid choice on its own and equally fashionable on top of a hoodie. This outfit is made up of Favela’s bomber jacket, longline, and distressed denim paired with some white leather high top Vans.

#OutfitUnder100 In this section of the blog I have put together a comparable outfit priced at 100 dollars or less (give or take a few bucks), as well as a premium outfit priced over $300. If you like the style you can buy one of the pieces or the whole outfit to add to your wardrobe collection. And remember, you rock the fit the fit doesn’t rock you!

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