Men's Fashion: Fall Style
It may still feel like summer in Los Angeles but it's fall everywhere else...

Fall has finally arrived, even though it still feels like summer in Los Angeles, which means men’s fashion is in a seasonal transition from racer back tank tops and bright colored shorts to darker tones and multi layers. This outfit has the best of all things fall, colors, layers, and accessories. I started by stacking rich green tops in slightly different shades of green, for a nice contrast including a long line from EPTM and a Cashmere crew neck sweater from Uniqlo. The black denim jeans from Forever 21, I distressed myself, really make this outfit about the peripherals pushing your eyes out towards the upper layers, watch, and boots. The Delmar watch from JORD wood watches is a straight show stopper the finished zebra wood and white carbon fiber face along with its large size combine for an unparalleled look. When I’m out someone always seems to notice and complement me on how great of a look it has.  Protip: Men’s fashion essentials #12 (lol I just make up these numbers btw) brown leather boots, honestly my most trusted footwear, great for any situation, and a solid complementary piece for your fall wardrobe.

In this section of the blog I have put together a comparable outfit priced at 100 dollars or less (give or take a few bucks), as well as a premium outfit priced over $300. If you like the style you can buy one of the pieces or the whole outfit to add to your wardrobe collection. And remember, you rock the fit the fit doesn’t rock you.

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