Mens Fashion: Dressing for the Cold but not the Freezing Cold

What do you wear when it's cold but not to cold...
By River Davis

Fall, winter, and spring depending on where you live in the world tend to be on the cooler side of the temperature scale. Sometimes you’ll find it’s too warm for a coat but too cold for a long-sleeved shirt or sweater. I call this "Hoodie Weather", and a great time to own some black clothing. The benefit being that black attracts sun light which can provide you with a little extra warmth on a cool day. The dad hat is also a must, especially if it is windy out, giving you a bit more protection and some additional head warmth. In this outfit I’m wearing a Nike Dry-Fit Mickey Mouse dad hat, with a plain black hoodie, black skinny jeans and a pair of classic low top Chuck Taylor’s by Converse. This outfit also doubles as a solid base layer, if temperatures are in the freezing range you can just throw a thick jacket on top and you’re good to go.


In this section of I have put together a comparable outfit priced at $100 or less (give or take a few bucks), as well as a premium outfit priced over $300. If you like the style you can buy one of the pieces or the whole outfit to add to your wardrobe. Remember, you rock the fit the fit doesn’t rock you..

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