Men’s Fashion: All Blvck Part 1

Blvck has emerged as a fashion movement exaggerating the use of the color black..
By River Davis
River Davis Men's Fashion wearing all blvck
“I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.”
-Wednesday Addams

Black has always and will always be a fashion staple, when in doubt wear black, looking to impress you can’t go wrong with a classic black suit or a little black dress. Within the streetwear fashion niche, Blvck has emerged as a movement that exaggerates the use of the color black sometimes paired with highlight colors like white, variations of tan, and red. If you read my last post (view here) you know about my fascination and love of street style. If you pair that with my mostly black wardrobe, then you’d know I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be in my normal fashion habitat. I just ordered a ton of new black pieces from FAVELA, and Others UK. So be on the lookout for my fall and winter looks. But for now here is a little introduction..

River Davis Men's Fashion wearing all blvck
River Davis Men's Fashion wearing all blvck

Keeping it simple as always I’m wearing at Long Sleeve Black V-neck from Calvin Klein, and a pair of Black Stretch fit skinny jeans from Forever 21. I bought these jeans and then distressed them myself which has become a little hobby of mine so shoot me an email if you’re interested in ordering a custom pair of distressed denim! Had to drop the plug but back to the fit lol I finished this outfit off with a pair of the authentic classic all white vans. Which are probably my most versatile pair of shoes. 

River Davis Men's Fashion wearing all blvck
River Davis Men's Fashion wearing all blvck

#OutfitUnder100: At the end of my fashion posts I like to include a comparable outfit under $100  (give or take a few bucks), and a premium outfit over $300. If you like the style you can buy the whole outfit or just one of the pieces to add to your wardrobe collection. And remember, you rock the fit the fit doesn’t rock you!

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