Men's Fashion: Street Style & EPTM's Olive Longline

Check out my most recent look featuring EPTM's Longline..
By River Davis

I like a wide variety of styles, everything from dapper to skater but street style has peaked my interest over the past few years with companies like Daniel PatrickEPTM, and KNYEW having huge success in this fashion niche. Even major fashion produces like ASOS, H&M, Forever 21 and TopShop are now mirroring street style in their new lines. Needless to say, street style is having more of an influence on the industry and my personal styling. So let’s see where it goes from here.

I enjoy simplicity and minimalism in fashion and design. So I especially enjoyed this look, pairing a solid olive green longline from EPTM with black Levi 510 skinny jeans and a pair of Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Retro Black/White-dark shadow colorway. This outfit is clean and simple while easily getting the point across. Street fashion isn’t for everyone but it has definitely made its way into in my fashion arsenal.

At the end of each or my fashion posts, I will feature a comparable outfit for under $100 (give or take a few bucks) and a premium outfit for over $300. Whether you like the style and want the whole outfit or one of the pieces just click on the link and purchase your next wardrobe upgrade. And remember you rock the fit the fit doesn’t rock you.  

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