Doorways, Acceptance For What It Is
It Is What It Is...

This is the first temple ever built in Cambodia (maybe, I dunno. I read it in a book that I bought off a kid at #AngkorWat) so, obviously I had to go see this beauty. We decided we would rent a scooter and bust out a 2 hour ride to Thom Temple. Pshhh, first mistake lol. A 2 hour ride seemed like nothing… But fuck, after 4 hours, through the remote and uninhabited countryside of Cambodia (in the 40 degree inferno) we made it. What a relief right lol wrong, we assumed we would have the remote temple all to ourselves. What we didn't account for was Choul Chnam aka Cambodian new year lmfao. The temple grounds were being used as a massive festival site. But that's perfect because we seek to be culturally immersed in a society while traveling. If not for these experiences what is the point of seeing the world. And as you can see the temple was magnificent and so worth the drive!

The following turn of events worked out to be so fucking intense, that looking back on the experience is infinitely humbling. 1 hour in, flat tire in the middle of nowhere. No need to fret! Everything that happens is an opportunity to win one of life's challenges and learn at the same time. With a level head we managed to find a village new years party with a mechanic, who was able melt the inner tube of the tire back together whilst sipping on a beer. It is crazy how simple communication can become when you can't use language as a tool.

What's next? The storm, literally... To be continued...

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