Doorways, A Chance For Progress
Can You See Your Opportunities...

As a child at the community pool complex you would always see people jumping off the high dive. You decide you want to jump off the high dive too. So, you climb to the top and as you stand on the end of the high dive you look down at your fait but you have no idea what will happen. It's scary standing there. Will you die? Will you be ok? What will happen once you jump? How will your life change? Here, at this exact moment you sit at the edge of a doorway, an opportunity to progress through life. But nothing can happen until you make the jump, until you take action and cross through that doorway. Then you enter into a whole new realm of opportunities.

How did you progress today?

What did you do?

How many doorways did you see and how many did you walk through?

How many doorways did you create for yourself?

How many rooms did you leave?

How many things did you leave in past rooms you left behind?

How many things from those rooms did you let influence your life today?

Were those influences positive or were those influences negative?

Ask yourself these questions even comment them to me I would love to hear your story!

You have the sole power to create as many doorways as you desire, to progress into any form you wish to become. The world is filled with millions of physical doorways. These doorways are a physical representation of the theoretical concept we are talking about. That a doorway represents an opportunity for progress. How many times a day do you walk through a literal doorway and how many times does crossing that threshold result in an opportunity for you to do something.

Opportunity is your creation and progress is a result of your action. To take action all you need do is realize that you want to move forward through life and leave your current room. “But how do I know what is on the other side of the doorway I created?” That is your choice! It is whatever you want! It is whatever you have created! It is whatever you willing to work to create.

Walking through the doorway isn't always easy. Sometimes it is the hardest thing you'll ever do. It will take work lots of it. Every opportunity is yours to create.

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