Boutique Hotel: Jungleroom Bali
Jungleroom Bali A Unique & Profound Vacation Experience...

After living in Bali for close to half a year we had the amazing opportunity to experience JungleRoom in all of its authentic glory. Taking a serious vacation from our vacation. Needless to say the experience did not disappoint. We teamed up with a number of different bloggers and influencers over the course of a few days to enjoy and create some amazing things inside the heart of Bali! This is the story of Jungleroom and our Jungle adventures with new friends, old friends and now our jungle family.

Jungleroom is an incredibly unique boutique, Bali, hotel that features antique wooden houses imported from the different islands of Indonesia. Host to a couple of 100-year old traditional Karo style houses and a variety of authentic Joglo houses that have all been carefully hand restored to provide a traditional yet luxurious experience.

Jungleroom is made up of many unique and creative spaces that made our adventure truly incredible. During the day you can hang out by the pool and in the evenings kick it with your friends and neighbors in the Big Karo House, a creative and unique chill space. Historically Karo houses were built to house multiple families so it is fitting that this one has been adopted as a creative community space where we were able to collaborate, play and enjoy the space with friends and other influencers! The intricacies of the Big Karo house were unending and something you will have to discover for yourself to truly understand.

The Jungleroom offers a collection of boutique accommodations that meet any needs and desires you may have for you vacation. The Sumatran Karo House is an old traditional Sumatran style house made of “eternal" teak wood which has been restored by hand in order to capture Indonesian authenticity in its truest form. The Ethnic Wooden House is the most authentically Bali style of all the Jungle Rooms and was even shipped over from the island of Java! River View Bungalow is, IMO, the most picturesque bright and airy accommodation. The Twin Bungalows open straight into the pool while the Loft Bungalow is more of the romantic dreamers preferred suite. And of course if you want to do it big there is always the private pool villa, Villa Mango.

Summer House, where we stayed, was truly special! In door swing, say what!?  Personal space galore and a view of the river… what more could we have asked for on this vacation within a vacation.

In addition the grounds also house An outdoor exercise area, restaurant, juice bar, and yoga shala!


Jungleroom Bali

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