Thoughts from the Jungle...
Part 1

As I drank my morning coffee in the Jungle Room cafe I began to think about freedom. Freedom of the individual, freedom of the self, freedom of creative ability, etc. I asked myself what restricts individual freedom..?

From the time we are young there are always people telling us how to live and what we should do. Some of this is great advice while most of it is shit. “They” tell you what you should think and how you should live so that you will become a piece of the intricate puzzle that we are lead to believe is life.

“You have to do ‘this’”, because of the color of your skin, the amount of wealth your family has, the geographical location you live in, etc. All things are mystified in an attempt to blind your true vision, or self awareness. “They” will tell you that you can’t do something because it has never been done or even worse “because the way it is done now is the way it has always been done…” “They will talk down to you and dismiss your ideas. “They” fear change, “They” fear growth, “They” fear true freedom.

I listened to something a few years ago that really changed my perception of freedom as well as existence. So, let me explain the concept to you. Take a second to look around you… Look at the road, sidewalk, signs, stores, buildings, table, and even your cell phone. Now think about how these things came to be… These things were not just magically created out of thin air by little magic fairies riding unicorns.


“They” told Walt Disney he wasn’t creative enough

“They” told Oprah she  would never make it in media

“They” told Thomas Edison his ideas were crazy

“They” told Steve Jobs that Toy Story was going to be a flop

“They” tell you that your ideas are crazy and that you can’t do something bc it is to hard or will never work

Don’t let “They” control your actions, decisions, goals, aspirations, or anything else! Fuck “They”. “They” don’t know shit. This is why “They” are telling you what you can’t and can do because they don’t have the mental capacity to even fathom what it would take to break the shackles that confine their narrow minds.

You are free! And all you need to do to realize this freedom is to become aware of it and continuously take action in the present moment. You can do anything you want as long as you are willing to put in the work it takes to get there.

Freedom is the point at which “They” no longer have an influence on your actions. Freedom is when you no longer dwell on the past or focus on the future because you are absorbed in the present moment action. You can do anything you want you just have to do it.




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