Birdies LA: It's Good Food
Coffee, Donuts, & Chicken

Birdies LA is a quaint little eatery located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles serving up some fantastically delicious and innovative cake donuts and fried chicken sandwiches. If you didn't already know, I'm picky when it come to my donuts. So, my thoughts in regards to most donut makers usually sounds something like this. "So, you say you serve creative donuts... But really, chances are, you are just serving plain base, donuts (either yeast or cake) covered in your "creative" toppings... Real talent right here. (Rolls Eyes)". I'm calling bullshit on the imitation donut makers. Please do us a favor and make room for the real donut masters, leave your basic Oreo topped plain donuts where they belong... (You know where that is).

Birdies LA has crafted some truly unique cake donuts infusing the batter with ingredients combinations that would take Guy Fieri straight to flavor town. Every bite is rich with flavor from start to finish just how it should be. Birdies' all star line up of truly creative concoctions includes staples like the Horchata Twist with Dulce De Leche, Triple Dark Chocolate, Lemon Thyme Pistachio, and my personal favorite the Cinnamon Toast Crunch which has literal pieces of cinnamon toast crunch baked into the batter. Fuck Yes! And to top it off why not throw in a bomb ass Fried Chicken sandwich while your at it. 

Added Bonus Coffee, obviously.

Photo By River Davis - Birdies LA - HORCHATA TWIST WITH DULCE DE LECHE Donut, CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH Donut, and Espresso



"Chef J welcomes you to his newest Restaurant concept Birdies LA. Our motto is simple: Fresh, fun, all natural food, served fast to our customers day and night. Artisanal donuts made hourly and free-range fried chicken will be the staples you can expect on a simple menu of Americana classics reimagined with a modern twist. Birdies will also feature an ever changing offering of rotating specials, Intelligentsia coffee creations and an in house brewed Birdies brand coffee."

-Birdies Staff

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