Community growth & collective evolution through personal activism & brand sustainability.

River is an international creative director + community builder, public speaker, traveling yoga educator, and yoga student. He has spent the last 11 years studying traditional yoga practices and the past 8 years helping businesses around the world develop brand based business models. River has been classically trained in India, at the 500RYT level teaching lineage based yoga around the world. His agency ‘Breakthrough Creative’ has helped develop standout creative content campaigns for businesses across 12 countries helping build a global community of responsible companies.

River is not your average “woo woo, everything is light.. la la la”, yogis, for many reasons but mainly his philosophical views on the nature of duality and that, “the experience of true light can only be attained through the experience of equivalent darkness.” His teachings are experiential and will put you face to face with the darkest point just before the dawn... and when it’s over, when you’ve made it through, that is when you will see the light in your own truth.


"A few years ago I abandoned my life in corporate America to travel the world, helping build conscious communities and businesses. Along the way I adopted yoga as a scientific and philosophic way of life, after 10 years of personal practice. I am forever a child and student, of the world, looking for like minded humans to share experiences with in a never ending pursuit of personal growth. All in the hopes of helping humanity collectively evolve.

My belief is that we can achieve this goal through personal activism and brand sustainability. This is done through sharing education, becoming more aware, taking conscious action, and spreading infinite love to each other and the world we live in!

We can make the world a better place but we need everyone in the game!"

With Love Always,

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